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Sten – Book #1 (Book Review)

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Sten is a fantastic starting story for this eight-book series. I’m only through the first two books but Sten has you hooked from the very beginning. Some other readers have said that Sten was too simple of a book but I think that’s one the things that makes it great. I enjoy reading complex characters and plots, but sometimes to it’s nice to just have a simple and fun action read.

Sten is born into corporate slavery in a galaxy that is run by the Eternal Emperor. Sten’s family is killed in a tragic accident that was really a corporate cover-up, leaving Sten to become responsible for his father’s debts and thereby continuing Sten’s servitude to the corporation.

Sten never liked the corporation to begin with, but with his family gone, he finds it more difficult to tolerate the injustices he sees every day. Sten fights back and abruptly loses, making his situation even more dire. Eventually Sten is able to escape his corporate masters and is recruited to serve in the Eternal Emperor’s elite military unit.

Sten proves himself throughout training and earns himself a spot amongst the elite of the elite – Mantis Team. Sten will embark on a mission back to the factory planet that once enslaved him; the Eternal Emperor is giving Sten a chance at vengeance and to right the corporation’s wrong-doings.

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