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A Dinosaur Ate Your Alien #BookReview

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First off, DO NOT use the book preview on Amazon to make your purchase decision. The little bit that you get to read might turn you off like it did me, but it was on sale for .99 cents so I bought the book anyway to support the efforts of an indie author. I’m very glad that I did, and I can’t wait to read Parker Moose’s next book.

Back in September 2013, Parker left a message on an authors’ forum asking for cover advice on his new book. I looked at the cover and made a suggestion reference the artwork. I also read the preview and was turned off to the book because of the caveman language. Example: “Shirt am too good for old names.” I told him that it would be difficult to read an entire book that was written like that, and while I can understand his characters are cavemen, it was kind of annoying. But, the book was on sale and I thought the premise was kind of cute.

This book has been sitting on my Kindle ever since then, not getting read. Last week I had nothing left to read and decided to get through this story since it was already there and paid for. My biggest disappointment is that I waited almost nine months to read this. It was a fantastic story on many levels. It was a well thought out story line and it was presented in an understandable way. The characters were fantastic and even the jerks of the story were easy to like. And of course, it was extremely hilarious. I would put this book on par with Christopher Moore and he is one of my favorite authors (Sacre Bleu not withstanding – yuck). And it was very well edited, which should be important to all authors but even more so to indie authors who want to be taken seriously. I only found one error is which is less than I commonly find in big name books.

The caveman talk does persist through the book but only about a third of the characters talk like that. The other two thirds don’t and they have the majority of the lines. Some of the characters have a delightful British accent or a fantastic Irish Brogue. In another series I really enjoy, not related to this author, one character has an extremely thick Brogue that is almost unreadable (Sten). But the Irish squid alien in this story is just a hair more Brogue-ish than Scotty was (Star Trek, you got that right?). And while the caveman talk takes a little getting used to, it’s easy to embrace once you realize its purpose and you get into the story.

One review said that it was difficult to follow because it jumped around a lot. I actually really liked the way the narrative moved from group to group and back again. It gave me a great visualization of how these events were unfolding at the same time in different places but completely intertwined and dependent on each other.

And lastly, I gave the book 5-Stars because it deserved it. I almost gave it only 4-Stars because sometimes people see these reviews and think a friend or family member is trying to bolster their indie author. But I promise you, I have no idea who this Parker Moose guy is other than a great first time author who hit one out of the park (no pun intended) on his first try. I’m disappointed to see his book ranked #862,310 in Kindle sales. This means he’s getting less than ten sales a month (probably less than five). His work deserves more attention.

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4 Responses to “A Dinosaur Ate Your Alien #BookReview”

  1. Jay,
    Thanks for the heads-up..
    I gave it 5 stars!
    But it should come with a WARNING:
    “Reading this book in public may cause some people to become ALARMED!”
    .. Funny how people tend to run-away from you.. When all you are doing Is, “LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY, while staring at your phone in a Public Place!”


    Posted by Peter Anthony Roland | June 24, 2014, 07:19
  2. Hi Jay, I’m the author of ‘Dinosaur,’ as you know from the wonderful world of Twitter, and just wanted to let you know that due to your review and my own gut feeling all along, I’m restructuring the first few chapters to move more ‘aliens’ stuff up front. It’s an easy fix that I think will really strengthen the book, esp. regarding that all-important Amazon sampler.

    Thanks for the support! And Pete, glad you enjoyed my book. I’d appreciate a review!

    Matt (aka Parker Moose)

    Posted by Matt Huss (aka Parker Moose) | July 21, 2014, 21:40
  3. Thanks Pete! Always a nice little thrill when I see a new number next to my book.

    Posted by Matt Huss (aka Parker Moose) | July 22, 2014, 20:56

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