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Unlucky 13 (Women’s Murder Club) #BookReview

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This is the first detective novel I have ever read and also my first book by James Patterson. To be honest, I didn’t even look at the author name when I purchased the book. I am an indie author and have written two science fiction and one zombie novel. I am about halfway through writing my fourth book which is a detective murder mystery and I thought I should read a best selling mystery book to get an idea of the tempo that readers like. I went to Amazon and downloaded this book.

First off, I enjoyed the story. I personally really like that there are several plot lines contained in the same novel. Since this book is a part of a series with multiple main characters, it gives you more bang for your buck. It’s almost like several short stories that are intertwined with each other that come together to give you a satisfying conclusion.

If you like a mystery where every nuance of how the murder was solved is laid out for you, this story is not for you. Likewise, if you like police procedurals, this isn’t your book.

This book was very focused on the relationships between the characters and how those interactions helped to solve the crime. There were “ah-ha” moments where a large piece to the puzzle was found and then they followed up on that lead. But all of the minutia that happened between those moments was left out.

I mentioned that I didn’t look at the author when I purchased the book. I honestly thought I was reading a novel written by a woman based on the characters and their ties with each other. If you’re not familiar with this particular series, there is a group of women who work in different but related fields. They are all friends and use their positions to help each other with solving murders. There is a detective, a prosecuter, a criminal journalist and a medical examiner. They are a part of what they refer to as the “Murder Club”.

Maybe a woman reading this book would know right off the bat that the author was a man trying to write from a woman’s first-person perspective, but I had no idea. I think that is a good indicator of the author’s writing ability.

One other thing I liked about his writing was the realistic way the story read. Some novels should be filled with flowery writting, interesting prose and the author trying to wax poetic. But other stories should read like they are actual events that the reader can believe happened. The reader can think, this is how people really talk and act. That’s what I got from this book. There are a couple of things that were slightly unrealistic but still not impossible to believe.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. It inspired me to download the sample of his latest work, “Invisble“. I will definitely be buying that book when I have more time to read a full novel.

**NOTE: All of my novels are professionally edited but my posts and reviews aren’t 🙂

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