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Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas #BookReview

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If you love Star Trek – get in here, right now! If you have no idea what it means to be a “Redshirt”, you might still like this book but probably not. Likewise, if you watched Galaxy Quest and thought it was in any way sacrilegious and felt the need to say ten Hail Spocks afterwards to cleanse your soul, don’t buy this book.

But for everyone else, this book was incredibly awesome!

The story takes place in an alternate universe that is even possibly an alternate universe to that universe – if you want to get philosophical about it. In this universe, we are aboard the Universal Union Capital Ship Intrepid, the flagship of the Universal Union. As you would expect, the flagship goes on a lot of strange and dangerous missions. But what you wouldn’t expect is that a lot of the crew die – a lot. Some of the crew are smarter than others and have found ways to avoid going on away missions with the senior staff who seem to always and inexplicably avoid the fates of their unwilling traveling companions.

And here enters our hero Andrew Dahl. He is a bit smarter than his shipmates, or maybe he’s just written that way, and he quickly figures out that something is amiss aboard his ship. Along with his friends, other new transfers to the ship to replace the rapidly dwindling lesser characters, they will work towards solving this conundrum in order to avoid the fate of so many other crewmen who have boldly gone where no one else wants to go.

I will say that the story line is completely obvious and I figured out what was going on very early in the book and way before the author reveals it himself. But this is not a bad thing and I’m honestly not sure the author meant to hide anything. If he was expecting a huge reveal that would shock his readers, then I think he missed that mark, but I don’t get the sense that that was his plan. It was a fun story that kept you guessing as to what would happen next. I know that seems contrary to my previous statement, but think of it like the Final Destination movies. You KNOW what’s going to happen but not HOW it’s going to happen and that’s where the fun is.

Is the car going to hit this guy? Nope, he barely avoids the car but ends up stepping in a pothole, falling over, rolling over towards the sewer grate and then a rabid hamster that was flushed down the family toilet comes out of the sewer and chews his throat out. I mean, you knew the guy was going to die but there’s no way you saw the rabid hamster coming – did you?

So throw on a red shirt (TOS or TNG – your pick), grab your tribble snuggled buddy (Warning: May be hazardous to Klingons), and finish that 3D chess game later (Yeah, that geek-shit is real). Go download this book and get ready for a great read. Oh, and don’t bother to yell at the characters, “Don’t go down that hallway you idiot!” – because they’re going down that hallway no matter how many dubian-slime-sand-rock-energy-worms are down there. Who wouldn’t?


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