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Warstrider – Book 1 #BookReview

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This is starting out to be a great series. I have previously read and reviewed another series by Ian DouglasStar Corpsman – Books 1 & 2, and I am enjoying the Warstrider series just as much.

I will say that these are basically the same books in that they use almost the exact same writing formula. The characters and settings are different, the technology and service branches are different, and the bad guys and plot problems are different.

However, both series start out with a main character that is new to his career. He gets thrust into an overwhelming situation. He prevails and happens to be the one person who has the skills to do what needs to be done. The unlikely hero also happens to stumble upon the key to unlocking the mystery of everything that is causing conflict in the story and he saves the day.

Shakespeare said that every story that will ever be told has already been told, and Ian has told this story before. But that doesn’t take away from Warstrider‘s enjoyment factor. The characters are still interesting, the tech he created is engrossing, and the scenes are well written. If I hadn’t read Star Corpsman, I think this book would have been less predictable, but no less enjoyable.

Overall, this is a great story whether it’s your first Ian Douglas book or your twentieth. I highly recommend picking it up. And with Amazons new Kindle Unlimited program, I downloaded this book for free! Sort of, if you don’t count my $10 a month subscription fee for the program. But on a side note, this a great program especially for indie authors. If you download Warstrider and don’t like it, at least read past 10% so the author can get paid by Amazon for your download.


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One Response to “Warstrider – Book 1 #BookReview”

  1. Dear Jay,

    Thank you for telling me about the Ian Douglas series. I just finished Peter F, Hamilton’s latest Novel, & was worried! It’s hard to find something as brilliant.. To follow something as terrific as Hamilton!
    But, Ian is one of my favorite writers. And I THOUGHT I read EVERYTHING he wrote. So, your positive review was very Timely!
    Hope You’re making good progress on your latest effort.
    Looking forward to reading it soon.
    My Best wishes to you, & your new bride



    Posted by Peter Roland | November 5, 2014, 16:49

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