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Aphrodesia #BookReview

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Aphrodesia is a fantastic story that I would recommend to anyone who loves a good mystery and doesn’t mind a few fairly explicit sex scenes. The book’s blurb from Amazon describes the story as follows:

Eric Foster had a dream — to become a master perfumer. While a student at the world’s top perfume school, he created an aphrodisiac fragrance of astonishing potency, the Holy Grail of the perfumer’s art. His future seemed assured.  But when his creation is tied to a rash of passion-driven homicides, he becomes the prime suspect, facing a charge of serial murder.

Desperate to prove his innocence, Eric reluctantly teams up with Tanya Cole, a forensic chemist who seems born to exasperate him. Their quest takes them to Yemen and France and plunges them into the dark realms of organized crime, child labor, and Third World interrogation. Against increasingly violent adversaries, Eric’s only advantage is his extraordinary sense of smell.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this book was the depth to which the author described the perfume industry and all things olfactory. I don’t read fiction to gain an education so I really don’t care if an author takes the time to research his subject matter or not, but I always enjoy a book that seems like it could be true. Having read some of this author’s blog posts, I know that he has extensively researched this field to make his story more authentic – and it definitely shows.

Another portion of this story that was interesting was the sexual content. A few of the negative reviews for this book cite the explicit sex scenes as reasons they didn’t like the story. This novel is about a man who created an aphrodisiac – of course there should be sex scenes in this story. If the sexual content from this book were put into one of the Aliens movies, then yes, it would be totally out of place and uncalled for. However, in the context of this story, I think the scenes were necessary. They were also done in a way that was explicit but not pornographic or gratuitous. I generally read science fiction or action books, I definitely don’t go for books in the Fifty Shades of Grey genre, but I found myself enjoying the very short sex scenes and not dreading them when I knew they were coming.

The characters were also very well written. I honestly hated the cop character, Fawcett, not because he was poorly written, but there are certain character types that I won’t ever like no matter how well they are written. I’ve been a cop for over fourteen years and whenever a cop is written as a brute who violates people’s rights and the law, I just can’t get behind the character. Without spoiling anything, I will say that Fawcett redeemed himself – a little – and I didn’t hate him as much towards the end.

All in all, this was a great story and I look forward to reading more from this author. I have been using the Kindle Unlimited program to choose my books lately, so I’ve already downloaded his other novel Papyrus and will read it after I get through the three others that are in front of it in my queue. You can also learn more about John Oehler through his blog www.johnoehler.com.

My books are professionally edited but my reviews and other posts aren’t 🙂

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