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FOSCAM FI9900P #ProductReview

4-Stars     I bought the FOSCAM FI9900P to add an extra layer of security to my home and provide piece of mind for when I’m not there. I’ve been in law enforcement for over fifteen years and I have never been impressed with commercially available security systems. I think that subscription-based monitored […]

Weakest Lynx (Book 1) #BookReview

4-Stars   Weakest Lynx is the first book in a series of stories about a young woman with latent psychic abilities and a penchant for getting herself in trouble. Lexi stars in this series about mayhem and criminal conspiracies and is a mostly believable character; but reading a psychic action book is about […]

An Innocent Client #BookReview

4-Stars I found An Innocent Client while browsing for something to read from the new Kindle Unlimited program. The premise looked interesting so I thought I would give it a shot. I have to say that I really enjoyed the story. Joe is a defense attorney that desperately wants to get out of his profession […]

Fluency #BookReview

4-Stars  Fluency is a well thought out story that kept my attention through most of the book and leaves itself open to some great sequel possibilities. The basic premise is that NASA is aware of a ship floating in space out past Mars. The ship has not moved in over fifty years so […]

Unlucky 13 (Women’s Murder Club) #BookReview

4-Stars This is the first detective novel I have ever read and also my first book by James Patterson. To be honest, I didn’t even look at the author name when I purchased the book. I am an indie author and have written two science fiction and one zombie novel. I am about […]

Andromeda Series #BookReview

4-Stars First off, this review is going to cover the first two books in the new series by William C. Dietz. I read them one right after the other and I have pretty much the same thing to say about both of them, so separate reviews is just a waste of kilobytes. The […]

SONOS PLAY:1 (Product Review)

4-Stars I have been wanting a SONOS product for quite a while but the cost of any of their speakers has been too high for me – until now. Pros: Setup is incredibly easy, sounds great, easily controlled from any device, can be grouped with other speakers to create zones or whole home […]

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