Chapter 47 – Engaged in a dogfight high above an alien planet…
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Wilks gripped his command chair as he saw what awaited the ship on the other side of the explosion. An almost imperceptible mutter slipped out. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

One of the smaller craft was trying to fly across their path, maybe in an attempt to herd them somewhere, maybe to make a suicide run, or maybe just plain old pilot error. Whatever the cause, the outcome seemed inevitable. Jockey kept his calm as he flew the ship right through the smaller craft. “Fuck it”, was all he said as his new ship destroyed the much smaller attack craft.

At first, the collision seemed pretty horrible to everyone as the bridge became a shower of flying bodies. A second after the initial hit, the ship seemed to smooth out and Wilks thought maybe it wasn’t going to be that bad after all. Then the spinning started and Wilks knew it was probably worse than he cared to think about.

The ship’s inertial dampers tried to compensate but they couldn’t fix the complete abortion of physics Jockey was performing on the ship and its occupants. As the ship tumbled through the atmosphere, Jockey repeatedly whispered a mantra to himself. Luckily they had been in an upward trajectory when the collision happened so all of their momentum was taking them away from the planet instead of towards it.

As they tumbled through the air, Wilks could feel the ship starting to get hit with more weapons fire. The enemy was using this obvious lack of control to their advantage. Wilks was still stuck to the floor because of the ship’s rotation, but he could still talk. “Does anyone want to trade places with Jockey? Anyone? Maybe a one-armed blind kid?”

“I appreciate your confidence, buddy.” Jockey was still smiling. This was how his team interacted in a crisis and it was always fun, even if they were about to die. “I got this. I got this. I got this.”

The ship started to stabilize and the crew could start peeling themselves from the floor. Wilks crawled his way back to the command chair and he could see on the screen that not only was the ship coming under control but Jockey had managed to bring them into position of slight advantage with the attack ship in front of and blocking the weapons of the scout ship.

“So maybe in the future we can just shoot things down instead of crashing into them?” Wilks could feel the ship was completely under control now.

“I didn’t have time to fully evade that bastard so I figured a head-on collision would keep him from sliding along our bottom side weapons bays and destroying those. Without weapons we’ll definitely lose this fight so…” Jockey trailed off as he dodged some weapons fire.


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