This Is Not What I Wished For… Chapter 2
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Two Paragraphs from Chapter 2 of This Is Not What I Wished For… 

…The kid looked behind him, I realized that he must not be alone. He was looking at and listening to someone. I couldn’t quite make out his reply but he definitely was talking to someone else. Turning to me, he asked, “Have you been bitten?”

Ah, the new greeting in our world. I actually smiled to myself as I thought about meeting new people from now on. You walk up, with your weapon of choice ready to brain the newcomer, and you casually and politely ask, “Have you been bitten? Oh, no? Please prove it by stripping down. Thank you. Why yes, it is a lovely day; the weather is great for braining demons. Not too hot, but we sure could use some rain, don’t you think? Oh dear, that looks like teeth marks on your leg. I’m terribly sorry, but I’m going to have to brain you.” Whack or slice or bang or crush, right to your brain…



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