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Jay was born in California and moved to Tucson with his family when he was seven. At eighteen he joined the United States Navy and became a Hospital Corpsman. Jay worked in the Emergency Room at the Navy Medical Center San Diego (dubbed "The Starship of Navy Medicine) in California. After four years of service, HM3 Korza took his leave and went into the private medical sector, a decision he has regretted more than once.

Jay has managed a private medical practice, worked on ambulances in Tucson and Massachusetts, and has been a paramedic for the US Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons. In 2000 he started his career in law enforcement and has ever since been elated with being a deputy.

Jay currently has eighteen years of law enforcement service and twelve years on the SWAT Team. He is currently assigned to a patrol district as a sergeant as well as being a medic and sniper for the SWAT Team. In his spare time, Jay also teaches at the local college's paramedic program. 

Currently, marriage, kids, and the job that pays the mortgage are the focus for Jay's near future. Detective Guistina and his partner Bass are a few chapters into their latest adventure and probably wondering why they're waiting around for more scenes. They're eagerly awaiting a new challenge and wanting to share it with you as soon as they can.

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