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On a warm evening in a tranquil San Francisco, Katherine sits patiently on a hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean. In a house on the same hill, a husband is kissing his wife goodnight for the last time. For reasons known only to Katherine, this loving husband is the focus of Katherine’s current project, and all of her projects end in the same way – death. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, Sebastian Giustina and his partner Basilio Machin are two of the best homicide detectives the NYPD has. Some give credit where credit is due, but others say that Sebastian has an unfair advantage that has gotten him to where he is today. Sebastian has an extremely heightened sense of smell known as hyperosmia; together with an unheard of photographic scent memory, Sebastian can detect evidence at crime scenes that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

When Katherine targets a project in the great city of New York, she unwittingly leaves her victim to be found by the one detective in the world who may be able to put together the evidence and bring her serial killing to an end.

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Review: "I started reading the "Look Inside" and was hooked. The lead detective's "special talent" promised and interesting story, and the book delivered. The characters were well developed, the dialog was crisp and realistic, and the story was compelling. There was enough information to keep me a step or two ahead of the detectives, but enough twists and red herrings to keep me guessing as well."

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Birthdays are supposed to be one of the best days of a person’s year; but when your father is eaten alive in front of you, all that happiness goes right out the window. 

On the day a boy is supposed to become a man, his entire world is turned upside down as everyone he knows is transformed into insatiable flesh-eating monsters. In an attempt to save his mother and sister's life, he flees their home to lead the cadaverous creatures away.


The boy's act of gallantry won't be his last as he embarks on a journey fraught with danger, death and sacrifice. To become a man, the boy will have to face these challenges while protecting and leading a group of child-survivors through the nightmare that has become their reality.


Review: "What a surprise ending! Thought the main characters were very resourceful and bonded very quickly. Will not reveal the ending but I would recommend it to all. Not much in zombie tales can surprise me but holy cow."

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War was inevitable, it was genetically spliced and written into the DNA of the warriors the Coalition now faced. Unfortunately for Seth and his Coalition Special Forces team, the Cherta have decided to enter themselves into the fray also, and now the Coalition is fighting wars on every front.


In this thrilling sequel to the breakout hit novel "Extinction: The Warriors Return", Captain Seth Fields and his scientist counterpart Captain Emily Riley, in an attempt to save the Coalition, must use their combined teams to travel throughout the galaxy and unlock the secrets of an ancient race known as the Protectors. Seth's tactical prowess and Emily's scientific insights are all that stand between the Coalition and its destruction or enslavement.

Review: "The title of this review is the underlying principle in the book. There are many issues and plots and subplots here but all in all the story moves in good sci-fi pace and keeps the reader entertained in good fashion. Definitely worth a read if you like adventuresome science fiction. Some love themes and honor ideas get infused as well."

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In a small portion of the galaxy, Earth is joined with many other worlds to form the Coalition. The Coalition and its member species work together in an attempt to mitigate the inevitable conflicts that arise as more and more of the galaxy is explored and its riches claimed.


Daria is a Marine Corps Corpsman assigned to one of the many Coalition’s combined species units. After her husband is killed in a training flight accident, Daria and her closest friend are deployed to a scientific research planet to guard the personnel at the base. Along with a team of Force Recon Marines, she will descend into the buried remains of a long-lost civilization and uncover startling information about a warrior species who are returning to their once claimed portion of the galaxy to take it back into their empire.


Meanwhile, a group of Coalition Special Forces is sent into the very heart of the warrior’s home system in an attempt to gain any information they can on their new enemy. Seth, a newly graduated officer, is thrust into a leading role on the mission after he shows exceptional promise as a team operator. Together with his mentor, they must rescue a group of prisoners on an enemy planet and return home to help prepare for the inevitable invasion.


The warriors are coming back with advanced technology, genetically-engineered superior soldiers, and a lust for blood and war that is unrivaled among the Coalition forces. Two teams race against time in an attempt to save everything the Coalition has worked for centuries to build…

Review: "I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I liked with way the author brought in the backgrounds of the characters so you get a little bit of background on each individual instead of only having a character develop over the course of the book. You get that but the background is nice. The setting is pretty neat with the Coalition of planets representing many races. There are some good action sequences and a few neat little twists as well. There is some political intrigue that begins in this book and leads well into the 2nd book."

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